We all have to start somewhere, and starting has been very hard for me for a long while - now starting is easy, and finishing is difficult. So there are many beginnings and fewer endings, but this is preferable to there being just no output at all.

The middle stages are the parts where one can really become ensnared in doubt and over-ruminations, the visionary blossomings of the initial idea having faded and the realisation comes creeping that there is a tremendous labour still left to accomplish. If nothing is completed then nothing can fail, it remains a spark of potentiality: another might-have-been, like a young Soundcloud rapper taken before their time.

The unhappy angel here is part of a larger composition in progress, The Death of the Atheist Christopher Hitchens. My sister Elena posed for all of the angels - there are four of them - and if my renderings do any justice to the wide-ranging turbulence of emotion she provided then I will consider the picture to have been a success…

Oh, Lovely Appearence Of Death